Wolf Lake was a short-lived American television series, following a pack of werewolves living in a Seattle suburb. Nine episodes were made before it was cancelled. ITV bought the rights to show the series in the United Kingdom. Ran Galor's song "Quiet the Night" was the theme song. Wolf Lake began airing on television again beginning on Friday, July 13, 2007 on the Sci Fi Channel. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award for its main title design.


Seattle policeman John Kanin proposes to his girlfriend, Ruby Wilder, and she accepts. However, as she gets into her car, she is attacked and all Kanin finds is a severed hand. He travels to her hometown, Wolf Lake, to find some answers. However, his experiences there raise even more questions.


  1. Meat The Parents
  2. The Changing
  3. Soup to Nuts
  4. Tastes Like Chicken
  5. Excitable Boy
  6. Four Feet Under
  7. Leader of the Pack
  8. Legend of Lost Lenore
  9. If These Wolves Could Talk

Cast membersEdit

  • Lou Diamond Phillips as John Kanin
  • Tim Matheson as Sheriff Matthew Donner
  • Graham Greene as Sherman Blackstone
  • Sharon Lawrence as Vivian Cates
  • Scott Bairstow as Tyler Creed
  • Mia Kirshner as Ruby Wilder/Cates
  • Bruce McGill as Willard Cates
  • Paul Wesley as Luke Cates
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Sophia Donner
  • Kellie Waymire as Miranda Devereaux

Guest starsEdit

  • Bill Mondy
  • Gregory Itzin
  • Sam Anderson
  • Carmen Moore
  • Fiona Scott
  • Levi James
  • Christian Bocher
  • Craig Olejnik

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