I can't believe whats' happening to me.

I 'm fighting people with one had. Eating raw meat, running a not so normal human speeds and picking up my own mothers car with my bare hands. This is incredible.

But there's one problem. There's a new kid in town. David. Last time I saw him his skin burned at a sunlight picture.

Another problem. Where are other werewolves. Are there any wolf packs I need to see.

I need serious help. The first full moon comes in a couple of weeks, and I have alot to learn about taming the beast and my new found power.

Dammit I see David right now pulling into his driveway down the street. I'm so suspicious about him if I'm a werewolf then he would be a vampire.

I'll go on a hunt tonight to see if I can find the person responsible for my transformations.

Half Choronicles

Chapter One: New Me.

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