1. First, find a quiet dark place where you can be alone and relax for at least twenty minutes undisturbed.
  2. Next, close your eyes, and take in a few deep breaths. Hold each breath for a count of 3, or whatever is comfortable, and exhale for the same count. Continue to do this until your body feels completely relaxed.
  3. Your mind will begin jumping around. This is normal. If you feel that your mind just won't settle down to let you concentrate, then it's best to give up for now and try again at a later time. It may take several tries which could mean several days, weeks, or even months but your mind will be eventually be ready.
  4. In your mind you will see a place. It can be any place that is comfortable to you. It can be a forest, a meadow, a cave, a warehouse, your home or wherever...
  5. When you arrive there, take note of everything you see, feel, hear and sense. Take note of this place and breathe it in. After a while, you will see your wolf spirit somewhere within this place, but don't be afraid. He or she is not here to hurt you, but to help you and guide you.
  6. Communicate with him/her. This can be done by simply thinking what you wish to say. Find out more about who him/her is. If he/she feel the time is right, he/she will approach you and he/she will merge with you. You will become one with he/she.
  7. When you come out of your thinking, you may feel different. You may feel stronger, more confident and your senses may be more acute. This is normal. This is the wolf part of you finally coming out and experiencing the world as you have experienced it all these years.