Randi Wallace Heel Turn

Randi Wallace is a female werewolf and the main protagonist from the series, She-Wolf of London.

Randi Wallace is an American post-graduate student who traveled to London and enrolled at a university where her idol, Ian Matheson, taught a class in mythology. She took an instant liking to Ian, but found it difficult to acquire boarding at the school. Ian invited her to stay with his family who owned a bed and breakfast nearby. In order to get into the spirit of her research, Randi took her laptop and went camping out on the moors. During the evening, a werewolf attacked her tent, slashing its way inside and mauling her. The next night, a full moon appeared while Randi was working late at the university, and it was there that she began her first transformation into a werewolf. After her transformation, Randi turned heel and went after Ian, who was searching for her. Ian managed to barely escape with his life, despite Werewolf Randi clawing her way through several locked doors.

Randi was encountered by Ian the next day, and she was informed by Ian that she is a werewolf. Randi dedicated herself to searching for a cure, and with Ian's help, she finds the werewolf who attacked her: a man named Pitak. They chase after him in their car, but it ends with Pitak's vehicle veering off a cliff, killing him. Since then, Randi served as the main protagonist, and she and Ian continued their search for a cure for her curse.

During their time, Randi and Ian developed a romantic relationship, which escalated when the title of the series was changed to Love and Curses.

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