Grams as a villainous werewolf

Penny "Grams" Halliwell is the grandmother of the Charmed Ones, and a recurring character from Charmed.  An evil werewolf clone of Grams appeared in episode 5.03,  "Happily Ever After." 

In the episode, the Big Bad Wolf (from Little Red Riding Hood) appeared and devoured Grams, after Piper fell into a deep sleep due to taking a bite out of a poisoned apple. The Wolf morphed into a clone of Grams, and later licked her chops while giving a sinister smirk. Grams turned heel and intended to devour Paige, but she was stopped when Piper and Leo enter. Grams snarled evilly at Piper, who later became her new target. She continued posing as Grams and pretended to assist Piper, who was unaware of Grams' heel persona.

Later in the episode, Piper is in the attic reciting Little Red Riding Hood, unaware that Wolf-Grams was behind her, slowly moving closer to her. At that instant, the evil Grams shifted into her wolf form and devoured Piper. However, Piper managed to destroy the wolf from the inside, freeing herself and the real Grams.