Werewolf Patient
The unnamed Patient is a villainous werewolf from Howling III:  The Marsupials, appearing as the villain in the film-within-a-film, It Came From Uranus.

The film features a nurse checking on her male patient, who is shown in agony with bulges coming from his face and his neck; while the nurse expressed her immense shock over what she was witnessing. The patient turned heel when it was revealed that he was turning into a werewolf, and he was later shown with some hair, fangs, and a muzzle, all the while growling at the nurse. The patient's heel turn was cemented when he let out a loud howl, after which his transformation continued when his muzzle kept extending and his claws elongated. After his transformation was complete, the villainous patient attacked his nurse, clutching her throat with his jaws and eventually killing her.



Howling III (1987) - It came from Uranus

Howling III (1987) - It came from Uranus