For gamers[edit | edit source]

You may adjust these stats as you desire; This is just to get the creative juices flowing (using base 10).

Strength: 8
Perception: 5
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 0

Intellect: 2
Agility: 8
Luck: 0

Confusion: 8 | Havoc: 6 | Stealth: 2

compare[edit | edit source]

alpha | beta | omega

An omega werewolf is cursed by the beta, and not necessarily by the alpha itself. Omegas are the lowest caste in a Werewolf pack. They are subordinate to all others in the community, and are expected by the pack to remain submissive. Omegas could also be used as communal scapegoats or outlets for frustration. They are often given the lowest priority. Subsequently, rogues come from this group.


Enhanced senses[edit | edit source]

Omegas have superior senses. Its debatable as to whether an omega is equally as strong, or not, to a beta. There are many depictions of omegas and betas in formidable fighting matches. In some cases, they can even be as strong as an alpha, but only if they exert all their energy at one time. However, their energy is short lived and nowhere near the endurance that a beta or alpha exuberates. They only respond to the call of their commanding beta or alpha.

Omega call[edit | edit source]

The omega call can strike fear and/or confusion among hostiles. In some cases, they almost sound like eerie laughing hyenas.

Rabid hunger[edit | edit source]

Omegas have less control over their hunger. They are a more rabid werewolf having less control in all things. Thus, they are hindered from organizing or forming any kind of pack. Even if an omega killed an alpha, it wouldn’t be able to direct the pack. There is much infighting between omegas. There hunger dominates their psyche even to the point of death. They have little to no endurance.

Shape-shifting[edit | edit source]

Omegas have less control over their shape-shifting. They may even give away their positions.

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