Werewolf Molly 1
Molly was a villainous female werewolf from the 2011 film, The Big Bad.


Molly was a local who Frankie runs into in her search for Fenton Bailey, a man from her past who has destroyed her family. Molly reveals that the same man also crossed her path, and she has been feeling and acting different ever since then. After Frankie tells Molly that Fenton is actually a werewolf, Molly ran to the restroom, where Frankie finds her slitting her wrist. Molly is taken outside by Frankie, who is left wondering what to do next. Molly turned heel when she transformed into a werewolf and attempted to attack Frankie, much to the shock of Frankie, who concluded that she was turned by Fenton. Regarding her appearance, the villainous Molly had wild eyes, fangs, and a very slight muzzle. After her change, Werewolf Molly lunged after Frankie, but their brawl ends with Frankie killing Molly with a silver knife.