Villainess Miss Montgomery as a werewolf

Miss Montgomery is a villainous female werewolf from the 1981 film, Full Moon High.


Miss Montgomery is a newly hired teacher at Full Moon High in the present day, but as it turns out, she is also a villainess with a penchant for engaging in sexual conquests with her students. Miss Montgomery kept her villainous persona hidden when she first encountered Tony Walker, who is a werewolf, in the hallway. Later on, Miss Montgomery was shown in the midst of another sexual tryst with one of her students. When Tony, in his werewolf form, slowly crept into her house, Miss Montgomery verbally berated her young lover for running off and leaving her behind, right before she was attacked by Tony in her bedroom.

At the end of the film, Miss Montgomery turned heel and became a werewolf under the full moon in a wooded area, where she and Tony reunited. Her heel persona included a white mane and fangs, and following her transformation, the evil Miss Montgomery snarled at Tony before she howled at the moon, and the couple ended up married with a family of werewolf cubs.