Michael Jackson turning into an evil werewolf

Michael Jackson famously appeared as a villainous werewolf in his music video, Thriller.


The video began with a 1950s setting featuring Michael and Ola Ray as a couple driving down the street when they suddenly run out of gas, forcing them to resort to walking down a forest. As they walked, Michael and Ola's characters (who weren't named) discussed their relationship, with Michael warning Ola that he was "not like other boys." At that moment, the full moon appeared and Michael started wincing, but when his girlfriend checked on him, Michael warned her to get away, while flashing yellow eyes and fangs.

Heel Turn[]

Michael as a villainous werewolf

In the process, Michael's character turned heel and revealed himself as a villainous werewolf, much to the horror of his girlfriend. As Ola screamed in horror, Michael continued his villainous transformation, which included his claws elongating and whiskers appearing on his face. After his girlfriend ran off in panic, Michael completed his werewolf transformation and gave low growls before going after Ola, cementing Michael's heel turn in the process.

During the chase, the evil Werewolf Michael howled before catching up to his girlfriend, after which the scene was revealed as a film within the music video, with the werewolf attacking his girlfriend after catching her. However, the video ends with Michael flashing his yellow eyes at the camera as he takes Ola out again, revealing Michael's heel persona as a werewolf at the final scene.




Michael Jackson Thriller Michael turns into a werewolf