Leslie Snarling
Leslie Shaber is a female werewolf from the film, My Mom's a Werewolf.


Leslie Shaber is a bored housewife and mother who encounters a mysterious looking man named Harry, who--unbeknownst to Leslie--is a werewolf. After she is bitten by Harry, Leslie undergoes a slow werewolf transformation, beginning with her fangs coming out. After seeing her fangs while looking in her mirror, Leslie goes to a dentist to remedy her strange situation. Leslie turned heel in the waiting room when she snarled at a mischievous child and growled at him. She finally reached the dentist's chair, but the dentist is so enamored by Leslie's fangs that he actually makes another set. Leslie is later seen driving down the street eating raw meat that she purchased at a butcher shop, all the while, her transformation has become more gradual, as she now has some hair and her ears are large and pointed.

Leslie arrived home and discovered that her daughter, Jennifer, was throwing a house party. Continuing to display herself as a villainess, the evil Leslie flirted with one of Jennifer's male friends during the party. She finally noticed her increasing transformation when she looked in her bathroom mirror, and was horrified over her appearance. Seeing hair on her legs, she desperately shaves it all off, but is horrified to see the hair has grown back. Leslie goes to her bedroom, where she again encounters Harry, who reveals that he is a werewolf and wanted Leslie as his werewolf bride. The next day, Leslie goes to a hair salon to get herself made over, but it is there that her transformation begins again. After seeing her appearance, Leslie runs off in horror.

Later in the evening, Leslie fully transformed into a werewolf under the full moon and was approached in her bedroom by Harry, who transformed and went after her. It later became a fight between the two werewolves, with Leslie's daughter, Jennifer, who was aware of what was happening to her mother, entered and managed to kill Harry. Jennifer later searched for her mother, but at that moment, Leslie's heel persona resurfaced and she later clutched her daughter's throat. Jennifer begged her mother not to harm her, but in the nick of time, Leslie released Jennifer and reverted to her human form; her curse being lifted once Harry was killed.