Legend of the Werewolf is a 1975 British werewolf film. The film was wtitten by the screenwriter of The Curse of the Werewolf. Due to its many simlarities it is considered an unofficial adaptation of The Werewolf of Paris.



  • David Rintoul as Etoile
  • Peter Cushing as Professor Paul
  • Lynn Dalby as Christine
  • Ron Moody as Zookeeper
  • Hugh Griffith as Maestro Pamponi
  • Pamela Green as Anne-Marie
  • Stefan Gryff as Max Gerard
  • Renee Houston as Chou-Chou
  • Marjorie Yates as Madame Tellier
  • Norman Mitchell as Tiny
  • David Bailie as Boulon
  • Michael Ripper as Sewerman
  • Patrick Holt as Dignitary