Laura Alden's heel turn

Laura Alden is a female werewolf from the 1994 film, Wolf.


It was in the very end of the film that Laura became a werewolf. As to how she became one, while she wasn't bitten or scratched by either Will Randall or Stewart Swinton, a possibility is that Laura became a werewolf after engaging in sexual intercourse with Will. A line from the movie suggested that those who have a desire to become a wolf will do so, which could be another possibility. Laura began revealing herself as a werewolf when she showed heightened senses in the film's final scenes while describing to her father and to police what happened during her encounter with Will and Stewart. As she walked away, Laura is shown brandshing yellow wolf-like eyes and an evil smile to cement her heel turn.


Throughout the film, Laura wears a total of seven outfits:

  1. When she first meets Will at her father's party, Laura wears a brown coat over a light green shirt and yellow green undershirt, blue jeans and black boots.
  2. In the scene where she is horseback riding, Laura wears a gold winter coat over a black sweatshirt, brown riding chaps over blue jeans and brown boots.
  3. From the scene where Laura has lunch with Will right up until she tucks him into bed, Laura wears a beige sweater over a white t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots.
  4. In the scene where Will calls to apologize to Laura and asks to meet her for dinner, Laura wears a long white bathrobe with a large pink collar.
  5. When she arrives at Will's hotel room, Laura wears her brown coat over a short sleeved black zip up sweater, a long sleeved white blouse and a black knee-length skirt. On her legs, she wears tan pantyhose and on her feet, she wears black high heels. She also wears two diamond earrings on her ears, red lipstick on her lips and light makeup. Underneath this outfit, she wears a white full slip over a white bra and panties.
  6. From the scene where she and Will learn of his wife's death until the final battle with Stewart Swinton in the barn, Laura wears her brown coat, long sleeved white blouse and black knee length skirt with tan pantyhose on her legs and black high heels on her feet. Underneath this outfit, she again wears a white full slip over a white bra and panties.
  7. In the final scene after she kills Stewart Swinton and Will runs off into the woods, Laura wears a black turtleneck sweater, black pants and black shoes. She also wears red lipstick and light makeup.