Werewolf Jonathan

Werewolf Jonathan turning heel in a dream sequence

Jonathan Smith is the main character on Highway to Heaven. In episode 4.05, "I Was a Middle Aged Werewolf," Jonathan appeared as a werewolf.

The Halloween-themed episode featured several scenes of Jonathan as a werewolf, with the first scene coming when he encountered a pair of bullies harassing Alan, a young trick-or-treater. Jonathan used his guise to scare the bullies away, and reassured a scared Alan when he removed his werewolf appearance and revealed that he is an angel.

Werewolf Jonathan turned heel later in the episode, when he appeared as the villain in Mark Gordon's dream sequence. The nightmare had Mark watching the classic film, I Was a Teenage Werewolf (which Michael Landon starred in), when Jonathan entered and slowly walked towards the window. Jonathan began turning heel when he started growling while staring at the full moon, and it was when Mark walked towards him that Jonathan turned into a werewolf and chased after him. Mark's call to a policeman led to the cop also being revealed as a werewolf, and it was at that moment that Werewolf Jonathan broke through the door and began attacking Mark, who woke up from the nightmare.

Jonathan brought back his werewolf guise as part of Alan's prank to his sister, which would feature Werewolf Jonathan scaring her and her friend before Alan saves the pair. Werewolf Jonathan emerged as a villainous character again in another dream sequence, with this one featuring Mark raiding the fridge and being encountered by the werewolf--who jumped out of the fridge and attacked Mark. The end of the episode showed Mark encountered by the villainous Werewolf Jonathan yet again, with the scenes being a near copy of Jonathan's heel turn in the first sequence. This time, however, it is revealed as a prank, with the episode ending with Jonathan breaking the fourth wall and saying "Happy Halloween."