Werewolf Janice Perry
Janice Perry is a villainous female werewolf from "Family Reunion," an episode of Tales From the Darkside.


As suggested earlier in the episode, Janice and her son, Bobby, both became werewolves in a hunting accident in Ireland, and since then, Janice's ex-husband, Robert, has kept Bobby locked down when the full moon rises. Janice had been attempting to regain custody of her son, even going to a social worker, Trudy, for help. Trudy later learns the truth about Bobby when he transforms into a werewolf and leaps after her. When Robert appeared with a loaded gun, Janice delivered a single punch to knock him out. Janice later turned heel and revealed herself as a werewolf, transforming fin ront of Trudy. After her villainous transformation, the evil Janice attacked Trudy and broke down the door to reunite with Bobby.