Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch (original title)
Rated R | 1h 31min | Horror, Thriller | 28 August 1985 (France)

A young man whose sister was murdered by werewolves helps an investigator track down a gang of the monsters through the United States and Europe.[1]

After countless millennia of watching, waiting and stalking, the unholy creatures known as werewolves are poised to inherit the earth. After newswoman Karen White's shocking on-screen transformation and violent death, her brother Ben is approached by Stefan Crosscoe, a mysterious gentleman who claims that Karen has actually become a werewolf. But this is the least of their worries... To save mankind, Stefan and Ben must travel to Transylvania to battle and destroy Stirba, the immortal queen of all werewolves, before she is restored to her full powers![2]


In 1984/85, way too much cocaine crossed the US/Mexican border. Whoever put this Howling II mashup together, was clearly affected by very long lines of coke. Usually its memorizing your lines before getting on set - but for this cast, snorting lines must have been the prerequeset for these werewolves. (1:26:30 makes my point pretty clear) - Jsosa (talk) 23:08, September 25, 2018 (UTC)

Full feature presentationEdit

Howling II Stirba Werewolf Bitch 1985

Howling II Stirba Werewolf Bitch 1985



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