Zeus creating the first werewolf, Lycaon.

The concept of Werewolves is predominate in European folklore, thought to originate from Greece/Macedonia, possibly Italy.

Legend of LycaonEdit

One of the first legends, is the great king of Arcadia, Lycaon, who is thought to be a werewolf. He had many sons and he was also very rich. People would say that he was noble, honest, and the greatest king out there. Zeus, the king of the gods, was jealous of this and he wanted to test the 'great' king of Arcadia. He disguised himself as an old peasant, and asked Lycaon for some hospitality. Lycaon saw through the old peasant and realized that it was the king of the gods. The mortal king wanted to test the immortal king as well, so Lycaon decided to feed Zeus a human being. Zeus saw what the mortal had done, and was outraged. Lycaon's punishment was to be turned into a werewolf and to be hunted by Zeus' daughter, Artemis. Lycaon saw this as an opportunity to get his revenge against Zeus and decided to fight Artemis. Artemis hunted Lycaon for several days until she had the werewolf cornered. Both fought; Artemis with her Bow and Arrows, while Lycaon fought with his strength. Artemis won by shooting the werewolf in the heart with her silver arrows. Lycaon was defeated, but in the time that he lived, he created other werewolves by biting other innocent mortals and giving them his curse as well.

The silver bullet myth came from Artemis' silver arrows. It is still said that deep in the woods, Lycaon lives with other werewolves by his side, while Artemis hunts them down with her own pack, her hunters.