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Hannah Stoneman is a teenage female werewolf from Werewolf Skin, one of the books from the Goosebumps series, as well as the two-part episode of the TV series.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Hannah befriended Alex Blackwell after he moved to Wolf Creek, and later in the book and the TV episode, they investigated the werewolf sightings in the small town. The werewolves were thought to be the eccentric Martlings, but it was later revealed that Alex's own aunt and uncle, Marta and Colin, were the werewolves. They were caught by Alex removing the werewolf skins inside an abandoned house, and later on, Hannah helped Alex take possession of the skins and remove the curse from Aunt Marta and Uncle Colin.

Hannah turned heel at the end of the book and TV episode when it was revealed that she is a werewolf herself. On TV, Alex learns Hannah's villainous secret when he sees her in her own werewolf skin in one of the photos he took, with Hannah stating to Alex that she doesn't bite. Hannah's heel turn is much darker in the book, as she was revealed to be in possession of her own werewolf skin when they were searching the empty house. The skin was hanging in the house, but Alex later turned around and saw Hannah wearing it. After her shocking reveal, the villainous Hannah attacked Alex, with the ending leaving the possibility that she may have killed him or turned him into werewolf.

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