Eleanor was a villainous female werewolf from Howling IV:  The Original Nightmare.


Eleanor was a seductive heel in the film, reminiscent of Marsha Quist from the first installment. She was a member of a Satanic werewolf cult, but she ran a crafts shop to hide her true nature. Eleanor meets Marie and Richard Adams at her shop, and within minutes, she developed a romantic affinity for Richard. Later in the film, Eleanor engaged in a sexual encounter with Richard in her shop, which was interrupted when she screamed in pain after Marie shot a wolf outside. The pair met up again at the shop, but during their tryst, Eleanor transforms into a werewolf and bites Richard. In the movie's climax, the villainous Eleanor appeared in partial werewolf form and snarled at Marie, who was attempting to escape in her car. She ended up killed in the fire that destroyed the cult's church.