Cyd Ripley's heel turn

Cyd Ripley is one of the two main protagonists in Disney Channel's Best Friends Wnenever. In Season Two's "Night of the Were-Diesel, Cyd became a villainous female werewolf.

In the episode, Cyd's dog, Diesel, accidentally consumes Barry's invented wolf-serum and becomes a half-wolf monster going after both Cyd and Shelby. During the encounter, Diesel hurls the serum at Cyd. The protagonists successfully travel back in time to prevent Diesel from getting into the serum, but during the preparation for the school's Halloween party, Cyd feels the effects of the serum and turns into a werewolf.

Afterwards, Cyd turned heel and snarled at Shelby before going after her, doing so after embracing her heel persona by letting out a demonic howl at a (fake) full moon. The chase led Shelby to Barry's educational maze, where the evil Werewolf Cyd finds her with Barry and Naldo. The she-wolf trapped the trio in a dead end, where Shelby attempted to get through to Cyd, with success. Cyd regained control of her urges, but remained her werewolf form for the remainder of the episode.

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