Werewolf Casey

Casey Spencer after her heel turn

Casey Spencer was a villainous female werewolf from the 1993 film, Full Eclipse.

Casey was one of the members of a vigilante police group known as "The Pack," which consisted of werewolf hybrids. Casey encounters Max Dire and attempts to convince him to join The Pack, even going as far as engaging in a sexual encounter with Max at the home of Adam Garou, Casey's love and the leader of The Pack. Casey turned heel during the encounter, when she transformed into a werewolf by sprouting fangs and long claws. After their tryst, Casey attempts to offer Max a serum that would make him just like her and the rest of The Pack, but Max refuses. Casey later shoots him, but then injects him with the serum, causing his wounds to heal. The pair later went out on their own mission:   tracking down one of Teague's "ice-houses." At that moment, the villainous Casey transformed and tore down the steel door, and both of them entered into the crime scene, tearing through Teague’s men. The drug runners unload their weapons upon them, but to no avail, and Casey and Max end up killing the entire group.

Casey ended up sexually assaulted by Adam after he found out about what she had been doing with Max. During Max's confrontation with Adam, Casey decided to be with Max over Adam, and both of them leapt out of a window to avoid Adam's wrath. The fall injures both of them, but knowing that they don't have enough of the serum to heal both of them, Casey gives it all to Max, stating that she had been trying to stay off it for a long time. As a result, the fall ended up killing Casey.