Carcharoth, Anfauglir or the Red Maw was a beast of Melkor and Draugluin in the First Age of the Sun. He was the greatest Gaurhoth who ever walked Arda, fed on living flesh and guarding Angband unsleepingly.


Lúthien and Beren charmed Carcharoth to enter Angband, but he awoke as they tried to escape with the Silmaril. To calm the demented beast, Beren held out his hand but it bit it off, jewel and all. The gem seared his corrupted flesh and the pain-crazed fallen Maiar went south through Beleriand, wreaking destruction till he reached Doriath. There Beren Erchamion, Elu Thingol, Beleg Cúthalion and Mablung joined with Huan the Hound to hunt the Wolf and reclaim the Silmaril. Beren and Huan were slain fighting him, but Mablung recaptured the great Silmaril. His charred flesh was blown away on the wind.