For gamersEdit

You may adjust these stats as you desire; This is just to get the creative juices flowing (using base 10).

Strength: 8
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 4

Intellect: 4
Agility: 7
Luck: 4

Heal: 8 | Scout: 6 | Stealth: 4


alpha | beta | omega

A beta werewolf is created by an alpha’s bite or scratch, if the alpha intends or desires it. Betas are submissive to the alpha. In some cases they may serve as slaves, but others may be second-in-command. At some point, they may even be able to vie for the position of alpha, if the master is declining. Depending on the circumstance, betas could be a formidable foe to an alpha, but usually require some kind of leverage.


Enhanced sensesEdit

Betas have enhanced canine senses, superior to any human.

Beta callEdit

Betas can roar to congregate omegas, or frighten hostiles. A beta howls to signal the pack.

Pain siphonEdit

Some betas may have an empath ability, so as to draw the wounds out of one (a healing). In some cases, empathing severe wounds might deteriorate or even kill the performing beta. It depends on how far the beta intends to siphon. If a beta becomes an alpha, all empath (heal) powers are absorbed into endurance, and can no longer be useful as a healing.


Betas may shape-shift into an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature. Depending on how big it can get, will determine whether or not their clothes stay in tact.