Bess Meyers

Bess Meyers in her werewolf form

Bess Meyers is a female werewolf from Supernatural, appearing in Season Nine's "Sharp Teeth."

Bess is a purebred werewolf and the daughter of Jim Meyers, a pastor of a local church. She met hunter Garth Fitzgerald after he was attacked by a werewolf, and the two later married. Sam and Dean encountered Bess when they tracked Garth to her apartment, where she hid in her closet. Bess emerged in werewolf form and went after Sam, but was subdued when he nicked her with a silver knife. It was after the near attack that Garth confessed the truth to Sam and Dean, that Bess is his wife and that he is a werewolf like her. Later in the episode, Bess and Garth, along with Sam, were held captive by Bess' evil stepmother, Joy Meyers, in an attempt to start a war between werewolves and humans. Dean saves all three of them and kills Joy, and Bess later consoles Jim over his wife's evil deeds.