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Anne Lasker is a villainous female werewolf from Poltergeist:  the Legacy, appearing in Season Two's "Rough Beast."


Anne is the mother of Tracy Lasker, who had been visiting Rachel Corrigan over nightmares involving a werewolf. The nightmares were a result of an actual werewolf going after Anne and Tracy years ago, with the beast being revealed as Tracy's father after Anne shot and killed it. After an actual werewolf is on the loose, it is believed that Tracy's father has somehow come back after Anne and Tracy. In actuality, Tracy was revealed as the werewolf, and later in the episode, she transformed in her bedroom and went after Rachel. Anne saved Tracy from being killed by Alex, but she couldn't prevent Nick from shooting and killing her. After Tracy was killed, Anne revealed to Rachel that she knew all along about her daughter and that she could not be saved. Anne turned heel in the episode's final scene, when she revealed herself as a werewolf by flashing yellow eyes and growling as she cradled Tracy's body.