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Anita was a villainous female werewolf from the ABC series Once Upon a Time.


Anita appeared in the Season Two episode, "Child of the Moon," and was revealed as the long lost biological mother of Red Riding Hood, who is also a werewolf. Unlike her daughter, Anita embraces the wolf within her, and encourages Red to do the same. She is also the leader of a pack of werewolves, and they would later be threatened by the Evil Queen's forces, who followed Snow White and Red to the compound and later killed Quinn, a member of Anita's pack. Anita turned heel when she blamed Snow for Quinn's death, and later ordered her to be killed by moonrise. Subsequently, the villainous Anita demanded that Red should kill Snow, but when she refused, Anita transformed and was set to do it herself. She is stopped by Red, who transforms and kills Anita, who showed disappointment in her choice before she took her final breath.