Andrew Rodanthe

Andrew Rodanthe was a villainous werewolf from the 1972 film, Moon of the Wolf.

Andrew Rodanthe was the sister of Louise Rodanthe, and they were part of a family that was considered royalty in the small Louisiana Bayou town. The town was under siege, as various murders had been committed, with the victims including a young woman and Sheriff Whitaker's deputy. Andrew became Whitaker's new deputy at the film's midpoint, and he was later shown in the hospital informing Whitaker about his sudden attacks of malaria.

Another patient was the father of the female victim, who kept saying "Loug garoug," a French term that was deemed incoherent. During Whitaker and Louise's encounter, the latter figured out that what was really being said was "Loup garou," which is French for "Werewolf," revealing the true culprit behind the murders. The warning also stated that Louise would be the werewolf's next victim, and meanwhile, Andrew turned heel when he was revealed as the werewolf, when his right hand was shown being covered with hair as part of his villainous transformation. Andrew's heel turn was cemented after his transformation when he attacked one of the doctors and later escaped through the window, howling while doing so.

The next day, a manhunt was planned regarding Andrew, and Louise later revealed that Andrew's lycanthropy was hereditary, as their grandfather had also complained of sickness, when he was actually a werewolf. The film's climax saw Louise at her home late at night and encountering Andrew in his werewolf form, as he went after his sister. Louise had captured her brother in a burning barn and returned to the house believing that Andrew had perished. After hearing a loud howl, she realized that Andrew survived, and he returned to the house to go after Louise. This time, Louise fired silver bullets at Andrew, killing him instantly.