Werewolf Andrea Heel Turn

Werewolf Andrea's heel turn

Andrea Giacomi is a villainous female werewolf from "She Wolf Full Moon."

In the short film, Andrea is driving to the mountains, where she planned to go hiking, despite reports of a werewolf prowling in the woods. During her hike, Andrea is attacked by a werewolf, and later that night, she is in her bedroom when a full moon appears. Andrea tossed and turned as she began her villainous werewolf transformation, beginning with her eyes becoming animalistic. She also grew fangs and long claws, and her transformation was completed when she had hair all over, as well as a black snout on her nose.

Following her transformation, Andrea turned heel and began snarling and growling, giving in to her new lycanthropic side. She later used her powerful werewolf strength to shred her clothes and embrace her heel persona. At the end of the film, the evil Werewolf Andrea continuously howled at the full moon from outside the window, officially establishing herself as a villainess.