Alexis as a villainess in "Full Moon Halloween"

Alexis Hall is a female werewolf from The Nightmare Room.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Alexis is one of five friends (along with Dex, Freddy, Todd and Janet) who appeared in back-to-back episodes "School Spirit" and "Full Moon Halloween", but it was in the latter episode where Alexis' heel turn occurred, it is unknown how or when Alexis became a werewolf, though Freddy states that the werewolf attacked his brother a month ago, suggesting that Alexis became one and committed the attack before the events of "School Spirit". One of the werewolf-detecting plogs actually bites Alexis and correctly identified her the werewolf, but the gang rebuffs the claim, stating that it bit Alexis because it was exposed to light too long.

However, despite this, Alexis display signs of a heel turn when she acted hostile towards the group, mainly Freddy, after the group captures the rabid plogs, Freddy searched for Alexis, who is found upstairs in the attic staring at the full moon through the window, Alexis turned heel and transformed into a werewolf under the full moon, much to the shock of Freddy. After her transformation, the evil Alexis attacked and (seemingly) killed Freddy.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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