"Waking the Demon" is a song by Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine. The song is released as the third and final single from their second album Scream Aim Fire. The video for the song was written and directed by Max Nichols (son of Academy Award-winning director Mike Nichols).
Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon

Bullet For My Valentine - Waking The Demon

BFMV Waking The Demon1

guy in transformation for vengance

Music videoEdit

The video is about a teenage heavy metal fan that gets bullied in high school by a jock. The leader of the group is dating a girl who seems sympathetic for the boy, but is not brave enough to stand up for him. There are numerous shots of the band playing in a moonlit forest. Throughout the video, the jock repeatedly attack the boy, including spraying warm showers on him in the locker room and dumping a Strawberry shake on him in class, tripping him, pushing him to the walls, smacking him with a towel, splashing bathroom water on his face, etc. While in certain clips the teenager is crossing off dates in his calendar in his locker. He circles the last date, the 28th, which is labeled, "Full Moon". That night, he is watching the jocks' leader who bullied him, waiting by the forest for his girlfriend, as his girlfriend lured him to the forest by asking to meet him there so that the teenage boy could get revenge on him. The teenager throws a balloon filled with cottage cheese at the jock's car to get him to chase him deeper into the forest. The song prepares for the solo as the jock chases the boy through the forest. As the guitar solo starts, the teenager falls down on his knees and the full moon comes out of the clouds, turning him into a werewolf. The bully approaches the now changed boy. Once the jock sees the teenage victim's face, the jock gets horrified and tries to run. and is presumably killed by the werewolf, since blood is shown on his mouth and hands, and the next day at school, there is a new sign displaying the original bully as missing. Now another jock tries to show his anger towards the victim and tries to harass him a little bit and the girl from the old bully runs up and hugs him, hinting that now she's going out with him after news that the leader went missing. As the other jock walks off with the girl, she looks at the teenager, giving him a look of "I'm on your side" and he sees her eyes glow red (revealing that she also is a werewolf like himself). He smiles knowing that her new "boyfriend" will be the next victim, and crosses out the first day of the next month waiting for the full moon to come again as the new jock won't be able to harass him easily.

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